Brand New Rubbernecker Rewards Program!

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Come get all the details on our brand new Rubbernecker Rewards program – earn rewards with your very first dollar spent!

We are so excited to announce that we’ve created a brand new loyalty program called Rubbernecker Rewards and you are going to LOVE it! Every customer is eligible and new customers will start earning points with their very first dollar!

NOTE: If you are already a Gold Status Member see below – you aren’t going to lose your status and the small change we made was one that was asked for so we think you will be SO happy!

Here’s how it works. You will earn Rubbernecker Rewards points for all of your new Rubbernecker purchases, receiving 1 point for every dollar spent. Every 25 points earned is redeemable for $1 of credit in our store. These can be saved up for a fun splurge or used incrementally over time. This way, you get rewarded right out of the gate and don’t have to wait until you’ve hit a big level to get the goodies!

In order for us to track all your Rubbernecker Rewards you will want to make sure you are always logged into your own account on our website when you shop. If you don’t already have an account, don’t worry – it’s SUPER easy to set up. Just go to the “Login/Register” link at the top of the page and either log in if you have your account already or make a new one. (We do NOT share information!)

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If you check out as a “guest” those points will NOT be tallied into your rewards. So always make sure you are logged in! An advantage to being logged in, too, is that if you click on links in the posts on products you want need you can build a shopping cart. Never again check out realizing you forgot to add that coordinating die or the Paper Pad you were loving!

To check your points balance just:

  • Log in to the site.
  • Click “My Account” in the top right-hand corner.
  • Click “My rewards” and you will see the number of available points you have.
  • Redeem points for store credit to use on your next purchase.

Does it get any easier? And we baked this into the website so there’s no tracking receipts or punching cards – it all happens behind the scenes and those points will add up fast as you build your collection of beautiful stamps, dies, inks, stencils, papers and more.

Now let’s talk Rubbernecker Gold Status!

Did you know that once you hit $500 spent online with Rubbernecker, you become a Gold Status Member? The new Rubbernecker Rewards program is NOT eliminating the Gold Status Member program – we could never take away something so popular! We did make a change that was based on customer feedback and gives you more bang for your buck!

So, what are the perks to having GOLD Status?

  • Once you become Gold Status, you will get a 250 Point BONUS added to your account at the beginning of each year. SWEET! This replaces the special stamp sets so you get to pick what you spend your money on instead of us picking for you!
  • You will receive 5% off selected NEW RELEASES for the first three days after their release! AND still earn Rubbernecker Rewards!
  • You will be granted exclusive access to New Releases 24 hours prior to everyone else via a private link that activates once you log into our site. Woo-hoo! Who doesn’t love first dibs?
  • You will get V.I.P. front-of-the-line access to sales, giving you a 24 hour head start on all sales which means you get first pick before inventory runs out.
  • This status is a lifetime status, meaning you don’t have to earn it again or annually. Enjoy!
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Are you SO excited? We sure are! We could not WAIT to share our new Rubbernecker Rewards program and once we got the green light back from all our testing, we RAN to the computer to get this out to you all. Shop, earn, spend; lather, rinse, repeat! Get so much more for your crafting bucks with this program and know that we are so grateful for your shopping with us!

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