Last Day Of Rubbernecker Slimline Die Sale!

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Today is the last day of the Rubbernecker Slimline Sale – don’t wait!

PLEASE don’t miss out on the Rubbernecker slimline die sale! We are crazy busy packing orders but we do not want one single person to miss out because this is a really great sale!

First, you get a full 20% off ANY and ALL slimline die purchases. Then, if you spend $100 you get an extra 5% off for a total of a 25% discount. And if you spend $200 you get another 10% off for a total of a 30% discount. And go all in and spend $300 and you can get an additional 15% meaning you will get a total of a whopping 35% off your total!! And of course these purchases count toward your Gold Status membership so it’s a win-win-win!

We are proud to offer you the highest quality, long lasting, durable products, not cheaply made dies that will warp or snap after just a few uses. We are incredibly proud of being manufactured, packaged, labeled, shipped and marketed 100% in the US. We spend lots of time listening to our customers and paying attention to what you want and try to bring things to you as soon as we can. We specifically set out to design our slimline insert dies – our innovation – to give you tons of extra creative opportunities and to help you save money by being able to combine dies for lots of options without having to buy a new die for every combo.

We so appreciate your being our customers. And we love sharing the joy of creativity. So be sure to grab what you’ve had on your wish list during this Rubbernecker slimline die sale and save some bucks while you add to your stash!

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