September Release 2020 Unboxing Video!

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We LOVE new product release days and today we have a whole bunch of fabulous new things to show you from our September Release 2020! Scroll down to see the pics of all the new goodies and scroll ALL the way down for a September Release 2020 unboxing video from Preeti to see these up close and personal. WOOT!

First, we have a collection of the most RIDICULOUSLY adorable woodland creatures and some props from nature for you to create the cutest scenes. These little critters are so cute that they can be used on their own, as a group, for baby cards, for get well cards, friendship cards….who are we kidding, they are perfect for just about any card!

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Speaking of friendship cards – how much do we love these sentiments all about friends? These are the brainchild of Kittie Caracciolo as an addition to her “Kittie Says” line which is being expanded. Kittie created these because when she saw the little animals above she immediately thought that having some things to say about friends would be the perfect pairing.

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Now, we weren’t sure you all were ready for more flowers but the response to these incredibly detailed clear layered floral stamps has sort of knocked us over so we made more! This single stemmed rose is so gorgeous it can stand on its own, or can be put together in a luxurious bouquet.

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Here’s an even more detailed set of clear layered floral stamps with several sizes of blooms. We do want to say thank you to all of you who contacted us to thank us for the layering guides we include with all our clear layered floral sets. There’s no point in having something this fun if it takes you all day to figure out how to use it!

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OK – ready for a chuckle? These gnomes and their sayings have us cracking up every time we look at them. People LOVE our gnomes and we love that you love them! These fellas look a little different from our stand-alone characters but together they are just adorable!

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While we were at it, we figured the only thing better than funny gnome sayings are MORE gnome sayings, so we added these for the winter season.

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Last, we have a set of TWENTY different Christmas greetings. We know that often you want something “more swirly” or “taller” or “that but smaller” or “like this but different” <chuckle>. We figured we’d put together a whole collection and let you choose the one that is Just Perfect!

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Now that you’ve seen the pics, it’s time to check out this video from Preeti showing you even more details. Check it out!

Be SURE to order the things you want as soon as you know you want them. If recent history has taught us anything it’s that we can expect to have sell-outs from this September Release 2020 like we’ve had all year!

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