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If you are always looking for ideas to get card color inspiration, you will want to check this out!

For those of us who love making cards, there is no such thing as too many fresh and new ways to find card color inspiration! Today Colleen is sharing a video she made showing more about how she created this card inspired by a mood board image

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and then this one

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where she incorporated even more color inspired by a second image. It’s fun to see her in action so check it out!

Now if you’ve been wondering about how to create a mood board to use for card color inspiration, we’ve got some suggestions.

A mood board is literally a collection of images, swatches, samples, etc. that you feel set a mood for what you want to create. You might have one that is full of things that make you feel energetic and excited, one that makes you feel peaceful and calm or even one that speaks to playfulness and fun. It’s whatever makes you have the feels!

You can create your mood board by collecting your inspirations on a piece of foam core, tacked onto a large picture frame, assembled in a pocket folder, arranged on a surface in your workspace (widows make great “white boards” if you want to add notes – just use a dry erase marker) – anywhere you can see all your ideas, get into the mood and then use what you see to inspire your creativity.

You can also create virtual mood boards using Pinterest, Canva or even any of the apps specifically created to help you collect your inspirations. You can add all your boards to an organizer like Trello or Hive if you want to have everything in one spot. Of course, if you are using Pinterest, you’ve got that built-in board situation.

No matter how you decide to organize and use your card color inspiration, Colleen’s sharing her ideas and cards have certainly got us all thinking about fun and fresh ways to use the colors we see and appreciate in our projects!

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