Handmade Holiday Tags – Flashback Friday!

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Check out these unique and fabulous handmade holiday tags!

If you’ve finished your holiday cards, still have the itch to create and are looking for ideas, you are in luck! Today we are sharing three ideas for handmade holiday tags that will make each package and gift you present unmistakably yours.

Let’s start with two quick and easy ones. These first adorable Christmas DIY gift tags can easily be made in batches and they are PERFECT for making on the go. Just pack up your stamped and die cut inchies with your markers of colored pencils and color them in while you are waiting for all those holiday events to start. PRO TIP: These are also excellent to do while you are watching The Grinch or Elf for the 500th time!

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Adorable Christmas DIY Gift Tags!

Today we are sharing some adorable Christmas DIY gift tags that are super quick and easy to make and add so much Christmas cuteness! Jamie is using the card we shared here as her jumping off point and we just LOVE how she used her extra inchies to make these gift tie-ons! Just like with her card, Jamie started by stamping her Christmas Inchies on white card stock with black ink and colored them in with her Prisma colored pencils

Then, still easy but with a little more going on, these DIY Christmas gift tags – quick and easy but SO beautiful – are also ideal for batch making. You can even get the family involved if you want to make a fun project night out of it. PRO TIP: Because the only thing that makes these “Christmas” are the sentiments, these are ideal for gift giving to people who do not celebrate Christmas. In fact, they are excellent winter objects and you can even pop them on a card base for an instant card.

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DIY Christmas Gift Tags – Quick and Easy!

These DIY Christmas gift tags might save the day! We are closing in on the holiday and we think this idea for some quick and easy DIY Christmas gift tags might just end up being a lifesaver! How many times have you run out of those stick-on ones or, worse, discovered they won’t STICK to your wrapping paper! ARGH, right? One of the best things about making your own gift tags is that there will be no question which gifts

And last, for something more complex and just over the top we have these absolutely adorable Christmas shaker tags! These are so glorious you can even gift them as keepsake ornaments! They are not difficult to make, they just take more time. But as amazing as they are in the photos, if you saw them in person you might swoon!

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Absolutely Adorable Christmas Shaker Tags!

Hang them or tie them – these Christmas shaker tags are beyond brilliant! We are pretty sure that once you start making these Christmas shaker tags, you aren’t going to want to stop! Picture all your gifts wrapped in plain kraft, white or red paper with one of these tied on with some basic, rustic twine. Or picture a full, luxurious tree – perhaps even pint sized for a table top – covered in these captivating creations. Allison is really

Of course, you can easily come up with your own designs for handmade holiday tags! One of the great things about this particular craft is that there is no specific size, shape or design that “works” – make it festive, make it serve its purpose and make it yours!

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