Surprise Rubbernecker Release!

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Today we have a surprise Rubbernecker release of a great selection of new dies!

You know that feeling when a package you were expecting to arrive next week shows up on your doorstep? Yup – that happened to us and we are no different from you when it comes to new card making goodies! We could not wait to share these with you so we are doing a surprise Rubbernecker release to get these into your hot little hands!

First up, you asked and we designed – dies to match our absolutely adorable brand new Vitamin Sea and Every Summer sets.

Rubbernecker Blog 3495-05D-wm-500x392

Rubbernecker Blog 3495-05-Under-the-sea-set-1-color-wm-333x500

Rubbernecker Blog 3495-06D-wm-364x500

Rubbernecker Blog 3495-06-Under-the-sea-set-2-color-wm-333x500

Then, you all went so bananas over our flower stamp sets with coordinating stencils we thought there was one more thing that could take these over the top – the dies!

Rubbernecker Blog 3496-01D-wm-002-500x493

Rubbernecker Blog Above-and-Beyond-Stencil-287x500  Rubbernecker Blog Capture-337x500

Rubbernecker Blog 3496-02D-wm-401x500

Rubbernecker Blog Rad-Bloom-Stamp-336x500  Rubbernecker Blog Rad-Bloom-Stencil-280x500

Rubbernecker Blog 3496-03D-wm-396x500

Rubbernecker Blog Et-Fr-Stamp-336x500  Rubbernecker Blog Et-Fr-Stencil-268x500


Rubbernecker Blog 3496-04D-wm-500x478

Rubbernecker Blog Like-You-Stamp-345x500  Rubbernecker Blog Like-You-Stencil-296x500

Then we have another decorative cover die combining a simple lattice with a customer favorite “bubble” scallop edge – two great motifs already put together!

Rubbernecker Blog 5512-03D-color-wm-400x500

So apparently, we caused a bit of a stir in card-land when we shared this card and this card, both made using a cute Polaroid style to show off our Group of Friends. When we saw how much you loved the fun instant photo frame look we put these together for you so can make both the classic Polaroid size and the cute little Instax Mini size images. One quick spin in your machine and you’ve got a fun trendy element to add to your cards.

Rubbernecker Blog 5512-04D-color-wm-385x500

We also have four new slimline dies because at the shows we see you snagging them up right, left and center and we want you to have as many options as you can imagine.

Here’s our newest slimline layer die:

Rubbernecker Blog 5513-01D-color-wm-222x500

And a new slimline cover die:

Rubbernecker Blog 5513-02D-color-wm-220x500

And of course, two new slimline insert dies.

Rubbernecker Blog 5513-04D-color-wm-168x500

Rubbernecker Blog 5513-05D-color-wm-183x500

How is that for a fun surprise Rubbernecker release of unexpectedly early goodies? We love when this happens!

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