Rubbernecker June 2022 Project Roundup

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Rubbernecker June 2022 Project Roundup – summer fun for everyone!

Our Rubbernecker June 2022 Project Roundup packed full of all things summer got pushed to today. (If you didn’t see yesterday’s post, we got a whole slew of products in EARLY and we absolutely could not wait to share them with you!)

In June we saw all kinds of fabulous cards loaded with breezy days, fun in sun and plenty of cute critters. We released some brand new treats, and have even more awesome new things coming in July.

In July, but not until the 25th. Can you guess why? Yes! Our theme for the coming month is Christmas in July and we hope to cool you off with some fun holiday ideas and then heat you right back up on the 25th with some brand new seasonal goodies that will make this year’s holiday card making even more fun! Get started now and you will be sitting pretty as the days grow closer.

In the meantime, check out all of June’s projects here in one handy spot. Just click on the pic of the project you want to see up close and you will be popped right over to the post for all the details

After you’ve check out all the goodness in this Rubbernecker June 2022 Project Roundup, get ready for some Christmas in July inspiration this month and start collecting ideas!

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