Cool Effects With Rubbernecker Wavy Stencil!

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See why the Rubbernecker Wavy Stencil has been a fan favorite since the day it launched!

As you know, this month we are sharing favorite projects from the past year (and beyond!) chosen by our panel of experts – all of YOU and all of US! Today we are featuring a card that blew you all away using the almost-famous Rubbernecker Wavy Stencil. You might have seen it recently in our post showing off cards that sparkle.

Let’s take a peek at this beauty:

Rubbernecker Blog IMG_2804-1-1000x1000

This card gets clicked on and shared so much and we can see why! That beautiful blowy snow made by applying white glitter gel through our Wavy Stencil creates an effect you can practically feel on your face! You can get all the details for the making of this spectacular winter card here – there are still lots of chilly days left so this card can be used for just about any occasion for many more weeks!

Can we share a few more cards made using the iconic Rubbernecker Wavy Stencil?

Here’s another winter card turning these waves into winds:

Rubbernecker Blog Winter-Friends-Slimline-Card-by-Annie-Williams-for-Rubbernecker-Flat-1000x1000

Slimline cards are still going strong and just by swapping out the sentiment and undecorating the tree, you have another fabulous all-occasion winter card idea to use right now! You can get all the details for this project here.

Now of COURSE we have to show off a couple of water cards that take advantage of those lovely waves! Check out how to make an infinity edge shaker card here that will knock their socks right off their feet!

Rubbernecker Blog IMG_5457-1-1000x1000

That card also features the ombre look which it looks like no one can get enough of! We love it, too and especially love that our Color Fuse Inks are really getting to be known as some of the best for any technique for which the ability to blend is key.

And last, if you’ve ever wondered how to combine stencils on cards, this example using the Rubbernecker Wavy Stencil, Sand Stencil and Star Burst Stencil all together will get you pulling those magical sheets out and seeing how you can mix ’em up!

Rubbernecker Blog Rubbernecker-Stamps_Lisa-Bzibziak_06.02.21b-1000x1000

Now, we know that there are lots of “wave” stencils out there, all with just a little different take on the shape and number and design of the waves. But we are delighted that the “Rubbernecker Wavy Stencil” is getting its own well-deserved reputation for being perfectly suited to all kinds of applications, from waves to winds and things in between!

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