Monochromatic Card Inspiration

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Get lots of monochromatic card inspiration with these projects!

Monochromatic color schemes – where you use just one color in variations of intensity and depth – can be gorgeous. One of our all time most clicked posts featured a – shockingly! – black and white design so we thought we would share this and other projects to give you a kick start with some monochromatic card inspiration.

First up is that card:

Rubbernecker Blog monochromatic-card-3-1000x1000

Did you ever think different elements of black could create so much pop? And in the original post is a fantastic tutorial video showing you how to make this stunner so be sure to check it out!

Then there’s this beauty, with a fresh, bright monochromatic color story in an apple green:

Rubbernecker Blog IMG_1851-1000x1000

You all loved this monochromatic spring mini slimline card the first time we shared it and when you take a second look, you can understand why! Using emboss resist and a single color ombre, this card just FEELS so springy!

Then, in this pretty project, we learned how to shade using white colored pencils on a tone on tone card:

Rubbernecker Blog Daisy-Field-Mini-Slimline-Card-by-Annie-Williams-for-Rubbernecker-Main-1000x1000

You can see that my stamping the dark yellow ink on the pale yellow card stock, you’ve already created your monochromatic element. The addition of the white just makes the details pop. BONUS – this card takes mere moments to make and no one would ever know!

And last, here’s a handmade monochromatic floral card where the designer used several shades of the same color to add lots of depth and texture:

Rubbernecker Blog Rubbernecker-Colleen-Balija_1-4-post--1000x1000

We didn’t design our Color Fuse Ink sets specifically to create a monochromatic look but we DID choose the shades for their ability to blend into and perfectly complement one another. If you love making monochromatic looks, check out our Color Fuse Inks and see which ones grab you!

We hope these revisits to these popular projects provides you lots of monochromatic card inspiration and gets you stamping!

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