Ideas For Cards For Friends

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Check out four different ideas for cards for friends that will wow them!

If you are like us, we love sending cards to people who make our days better, easier and more fun. Today, inspired by one of our most popular friend cards, we thought we would share some ideas for cards for friends that can spark your creativity, no matter your style.

This card, with its fun faux Polaroid style frame, is not only a widely shared project by you, our fans, it also inspired us to create our Polaroid Tabbed Die Set. And WOW – are we glad we did! This handy, two die set flies out of here as soon as we restock them. Take a peek at the card that started this fun craze:

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You can see the details here in the original post for how our designer made her Polaroid style frame before we created the dies. She also used our at-the-time new Group of Friends stamp which also became so popular we added a coordinating die since you all said you wanted to use it so much!

Now for something both elegantly beautiful and hysterically funny, we remind you of this card:

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This version of funny handmade birthday cards for friends is loaded with depth and texture and we just love that combo of gorgeous details and a super sassy saying.

Here’s another example of that same gorgeous floral, detailed look with yet another zinger of a sentiment:

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Funny handmade cards for friends are always in style and when you make the effort to create something beautiful and then zap ’em with a rib tickler – well, there’s no better way to put your personality into a creation.

And last, a twofer! These two gnome cards for friends are just too cute not to share again!

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When you have the opportunity, we highly recommend making two cards – or more – at once if you are using the same basic design for two reasons. One, who can’t always use another cute card ready to go? And two, making two at once doesn’t take double the time so it’s a great, time effective way to build up your stash. Besides, it’s always fun to have one of your own creations on hand to inspire your next creative session!

We have loads and loads of ideas for cards for friends which you can see here so browse away the next time you are feeling the itch to make a friend smile!

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